Romane Chabrol

*On the tracks of a white desert, Romane walks. Around her, a procession of superb drums, medieval animals, post-apo birds, visceral songs. The colours dance with the golden sky. The procession advances under a golden sky, between the dried minerals that burn by day and freeze by night. Laughter erupts, dreams line up.

In the silence of the fire in the hollow of the dune, of the pond in the depths of the forest, of the breath along the ridge, a circle of storytellers meets. Stories of murders and words that reach the living rise up. Romane listens to the voices and observes the quiet gestures. She joins the chorus. Under her hands, plants weep loving liquids, horses’ steps go back in time and pigeons join the ocean. In patience and gentleness, Romane plays music.*

Romane Chabrol is a musician and visual artist. She has just finished the Work.Master at the HEAD after having completed a Bachelor’s degree in painting. Under the name of Horowitz she mainly composes experimental ambient music, often visceral and cinematographic, voluntarily gun-toting. She likes to think of her artistic practice as an immersive proposition that invades her life, and to work her music to get inside people. She also creates visual installations that allow her music to unfold in space, often hiding the sound sources to reinforce the power of the music. She plans to use her time at L’Abri to continue creating music and performances and to move forward with writing a book about grief, surfing and climax in music.