1, place de la Madeleine – 1204 Geneva

Office address

Fondation L’Abri
10, Rue Jacques-Dalphin – 1227 Carouge
Phone number: +41 22 777 00 77

Acces to public transportation

Lines 2, 5, 7, 10, 12 (Molard bus/tram stop)

Description of the spaces

Available for download here

For additional information, please contact


Available for download here

COVID-19 Measures

L’Abri cannot assure the implementation of social-distancing measures in its venues, hence why wearing a face mask is compulsory inside all L’Abri buildings. A hand sanitizer station is available at all venue’s entrances. Visitors must use it before entering. Furthermore, we collect personal information (name, surname, and phone number) for contact tracing. When in a large group, giving out the information of one person is enough. Our performance spaces’ public capacity has been reduced and the lobby bar is closed until further notice.


L’Abri’s lobby as well as its two main performance spaces are on the ground floor and available for people with reduced mobility.
Toilets for disabled people are located behind the bar in L’Abri’s lobby.
Most of our shows, concerts, performances and other artistic showings are accessible for people with disabilities. We specify in our online program when this is not the case.

  This logo is displayed when shows are suitable for deaf or hard of hearing people.

This logo is displayed when shows are suitable for people with visual impairment or low vision.

Foundation Board members

Anne-Claire Adet
François Bellanger – President
Phillippe Béran
Caroline Coutau
Jean-Pierre Greff
Stéphanie Lammar – Vice-President
Marc Maugué
Félicien Mazzola
Michèle Pralong
Claude Ratzé
Steve Roger
Vincent Sager


Alessandra Mattana – Project manager
Fabio Jaramillo – Technical manager
Rares Donca – Director
Gautier Teuscher – Technical coordinator
Jonas Parson – Communications manager


Alain Renaud – Sound engineer
Alexandre Groppi – Accountant
Alex Howling – Graphic designer 19-20
David Weber – Sound engineer
Félicien Fleury – IT engineer
Peter Alexandre – Sound technician
Sabrina Vega – Graphic designer 20-21
Sonia Dominguez – Graphic designer   18-19