Experimental musician and semi-composer for young audiences, flute player yet adept of headbanging, videographer and opera singer, Flora mainly practices tightrope walking – on vocal cords. Her voice is her laboratory: it takes her in all directions at the same time, looking for synthesis, the possibility of a metallic lyricism, perhaps of a primitive electricity. While surveying the arpeggio of possibilities, Flora is not afraid of paradoxes. And, on the internet, if we look close enough, she also talks about cheese fondue.

A flautist by training and with a Master’s in Lyrical Singing from the University of Music of Lausanne (HEMU), Flora Ageron is a musician and a curious artist. By exploring various sources of sound expression, she develops singular and contrasting artistic projects based on mainly vocal research in diverse fields, such as lyrical comic spectacle (Duo Fleur d’olivier) or progressive rock (Neptune Quartet). She is therefore closely interested in aesthetic blends. She created the Espuma Antigua trio composed of a soprano, a cello and an electric guitar: a trio that tries to create a musical fresco, a marriage between the baroque tradition and the electric eclecticism of our time. She is also part of the ensemble Fontaine Primitive, a musical laboratory dedicated to voice and percussion. Motivated by the desire to introduce classical music to young people, in 2018 she co-created a show for young audiences called Le Secret de l’aurore.
Flora adapts her own vocal compositions to the world of electronics, by introducing the lyrical voice into more modern universes. Always curious to explore different artistic trends and universes, she mixes her music with photography and videography by producing very personal clips and creating a visual version of her musical compositions or those of other groups.