L’Abri builds solid partnerships with a variety of international art organisations and artistic networks. This enablesAssociated Artists to carry out residencies in foreign countries. These partnerships are not unilateral, they function as exchanges: emerging foreign artists are welcomed to L’Abri just as our artists are welcomed abroad. These spaces for dialogue are a fertile meeting ground for artistic and intellectual stimulation, and also facilitate international collaborations between the Associate Artists and the foreign artists hosted at L’Abri.


Campo Abierto is a platform dedicated to stimulating thinking and creative practices from different fields such as education, culture, art or technology. Campo Abierto seeks to put these reflections and practices into use for the benefit of the local communities, its social problems and needswith the idea of generating innovative life prototypes that favour social development. Only a few kilometres from downtown Rivera and at the border of Livramento, Brazil, the ten hectares of Campo Abierto form a propitious place of experimentation for new forms of living, creation and collective reflection.
Raphaëlle Mueller, Marius Barthaux and Valentin Dubois have gone to Uruguay in November 2018; Rémi Dufay, Max Herrmann and Alex Howling in November 2019.


Fabrica de Pensule is the first collective project of this size on the Romanian cultural scene and a relevant example of the transformation from an industrial building to a cultural space. The artists, galleries and cultural institutions (actives in fields such as theatre, contemporary dance, visual arts, music, and arts in public spaces) all come together to provide relevant cultural content not only for the artistic community but also for the general public. Besides artists’ ateliers and workspaces, Fabrica de Pensule also hosts events of local and international partners. It acts as a major player in cultural and urban Romanian politics. Thanks to this partnership, Gauthier Teuscher and Marion Chabloz have been to Fabrica de Pensule in July 2019, while L’Abri hosted Adrian Ganea and Kinga Ötvös in June of the same year, and the beautiful collaboration between Gauthier Teuscher and Kinga Ötvös began.


The SÍN Arts Center works in the field of contemporary Hungarian performing arts at both national and international level. Their main objective is to discover, form and support emerging artists, focusing on producing and promoting their projects nationally and internationally. SÍN Arts Center provides rehearsal spaces, and long-term professional and artistic support as well as possibilities for co-production. Thanks to the partnership with SÍN Arts Center, Marius Barthaux has done a residency in Hungary in 2019 and L’Abri welcomed Adél Juhász in February 2020, who then became one of L’Abri’s Associate Artist for the 20-21 season.


The Crushing Borders network’s main concern is giving artists enough time and space for creation with no pressure towards production. It is a space dedicated to sharing knowledge and practices between emerging artists, creating strong bonds between them and the territories in which they work. Our partners are Glej Theater (Ljubljana),  Nau Ivanow (Barcelona),  Residenza Idra (Brescia), the SÍN Arts Center (Budapest), SPRING (Utrecht) and Schloss Bröllin (Fahrenwalde).


The Réseau Grand Luxe is defined as a platform of artistic exchanges for choreographers who wish to develop new projects. Launched in 2015 and now supported by eight partner structures, the reseau Grand Luxe proposes to provide support for new choreographic creators and their projects.
Its eight partner institutions – the Grand Studio in Brussels, the Centre Chorégraphique National – Ballet de Lorraine, the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin – CCN de Mulhouse, PÔLE SUD – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National de Strasbourg and the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique du Luxembourg, the Freiburg Theater in Freiburg im Breisgau, L’Abri in Geneva and the Onassis Stegi in Athens – have decided to pool their know-how and their teams to serve artistic projects from their territories, which require, at some point in their development, specific and adapted assistance.
It is through the combination of the richness of each of its members (workspaces, staff, resources, an outside look on projects, administrative aid, advice and support, recordings, education) that each assistance programme is created. This network, unique on its field, renews the spirit of ‘coming together’ by creating new modes of interventions outside the traditional circuits of production and promotion.
Thanks to the Réseau Grand LUXE, Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton have done residencies at the Grand Studio in Brussels, while L’Abri welcomed Marino Vanna in April and September 2019. Anna-Marija Adomaityte and Pierre Piton have been a part of Réseau Grand LUXE’s 2019/2020 programme.