Tiki Bordin

Tiki only uses their first name, it's enough, and signs some projects under the name Ido, in homage to Monique Wittig's Guérillères and their grandmother's cat. Tiki talks fast and I think I can see a thousand ideas swarming behind their forehead – they’ve been bouncing since morning. Somewhere between theory and practice, the virtual and the material, Tiki does a bit of everything and prefers this diversity to a single specialisation: their activities all come together in a virtuous circle. Tiki is a knight in shining armour, an animal of the night, Tiki prefers to party "on the other side": behind the control booth. Tiki may play with lighting, but doesn't like being in the spotlight. But Tiki has a knack for mischief, and is also amused by the fact that they often have to pretend. Everywhere, all the time, Tiki is in search of magic. Tiki says "I want to be a child forever". Tiki sees life as a game.

Tiki Bordin is a visual artist and interactive designer, with a degree in media design from the HEAD. Through the creation of immersive 3D worlds, sculptural objects and installations, they speculate on the intimate links between material and digital realities, video games and queer theory. Winner of the METAA prize in 2022, their diploma project Mondi Morbidi questions human control in virtual worlds by proposing the creation of an immersive universe resulting from a collaboration between a human and a unicellular creature, physarum polycephalum. Their work also extends to the world of nightlife, with set design, lighting and Vjing in a variety of contexts, including the Zoo club, where they are also technical manager.