Max Hermann

We do not win battles alone, so we draw inspiration from open source, we leave behind economic logic, we organize participative creation, and we free ourselves from the romantic artist inspired by his brilliance, alone, facing the sea.
We do not gather crowds in galleries, more hospital than hospitable, white, institutional and populated by connoisseurs. So, we move in the city, we sculpt, and we assemble industrial materials, affordable, accessible and all that there is to be thrown away.

After studying the wonders of woodworking, Max Hermann went on to study sculpture at the School of Graphic Research (ERG) in Brussels. After that, he went back to working with furniture with a new approach: more fun, more participative and political, his practice takes a stand. Back in Geneva, he gave woodworking workshops for children and got involved with associations; he works with the Grand Atelier, which provides space and tools for everyone. Being a part of associations and having an educational approach are an integral part of the concept of art that Max defends. Not so attracted by galleries (cold, white, sanitized), he sees art as a social tool. He is currently working on a collective sculpture involving the inhabitants of the Pâquis neighbourhood. A sculpture that will swim in their waters in 2020. At the same time, he is working on musical projects; he is recording his first solo album.