Laura Den Hondt

This morning Laura heard both silence and fullness, like an unknown shape taking place in her body, hidden for so long and yet so vivid, so she remembers the salt water that gave birth to her clay body and painted it with mosaics, a woman with a hundred heads who hungers for perceptions to create, to create once more, for repetition is necessary, but there are the questions that her own image turns, about the way we look at ourselves, about freedom when one detaches oneself from anchored values, about the similarities between the greed of anger and the greed of love, in short, she drifts, towards childhood with an animal look, towards a retro-futuristic dance, and when the rain finally falls she says to herself “wow, what a chance I have to be able to feel the spaces, the music, the living”, then she honours her instinct and this not quite tamed body, powerful vectors in spite of the blur.

Laura Den Hondt is a Belgian actress who trained at the Brussels and Lyon Conservatoires and at La Manufacture. In addition to her work as a performer - notably with Nina Negri, whose play Violence Forest will be on at the Théâtre Vidy in autumn 2023 - she has begun research into acting and the construction of her image. At l'Abri, she is also developing her musical and writing skills. She has a wide range of artistic practices and is a jack of all trades, with a particular love of animation, geek culture, children's literature, love and travel, black humour and horror films. To mark the end of her residency, she is presenting her Exhibition project, a participatory performance in which the audience dresses her up and commissions her to give a live-filmed performance.