About L’Abri

L’Abri is a space wrapped in a Genevan scar, somewhere in between the cathedral and the ancient caves from the Prieuré prison. In the beginning, the structure was an anti-aircraft shelter, a concrete cell created to protect thousands of people in the event of an armed conflict. Nowadays, this unwrinkled and square bunker shelters artists, creativities, and thoughts determined to metamorphose any state of war.

Each year, about a dozen artists join L’Abri’s team and help shape a new synergy. During the season, the building becomes a living space for creation and common reflection which each artist can profit from during their research period, working on their future project in a non-production oriented residency. Throughout the years, L’Abri has transformed and will continue to transform when in contact with new sensitivities. Its visual identity, the intellectual dynamics, the development of its space, everything mutates: Associate Artists’ works are stacked together or overlapped, and help compose an environment where change is the constant.

L’Abri accompanies emerging artists from different artistic fields on their projects by offering them working areas, such as rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, connecting them with a variety of professionals, and cultivating a dialogue between cultural institutions and artists at both regional and international level. There are many challenges to be faced: creating conditions suitable for production and coproduction, putting the Associate Artists’ projects in the spotlight, and helping them promote their creations.

L’Abri stands for contemporary creation and emerging artists, sets up labs propitious to experimentation, offers a risk-taking environment, captures new attentions, interweaves paths, nurtures thinking, inspires dialogue and encourages the plurality of journeys and practices. On the principle of aesthetic horizontality, no mode of expression is privileged because no language is silent: literature, dance, theatre, cinema, design, sculpture, woodwork, drawing, sewing, etc.